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Getting contact lenses can be a big step up if you have poor vision. Contacts can be used whether you are getting vision correction for the first time or updating your eyeglasses. Contact lenses are fit in addition to eyeglasses, so you have the option to wear one or the other. At Novel Eyes in Everett, Washington, we not only make sure you get the right prescription for your eyes, but we make sure you get into a pair of lenses that suits your needs best. To ensure you get exactly what is right for you, we start the process with a contact lens exam.

What are Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are thin, plastic discs that you place directly on your eyes to help you see better. Some float on the tear film covering your eyes, and others sit on the white of the eye and vault over the front. Contact lenses are appropriate for people who have nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other vision problems that stem from refractive errors. 

What Happens at an Exam for Contacts?

A contact lens exam at Novel Eyes involves a few different elements:

  • a consultation with Dr. Lenning
  • measurements of parts of your eyes
  • an evaluation of your tear film
  • a contact lens fitting
  • education about how to put them in, how long to wear them, and how to care for them

It is common to get a contact lens exam at the same appointment as your comprehensive eye exam.

Why are Regular Eye Exams Important?  

Regular eye examinations are an important part of preventive health care. While many eye diseases have easily noticeable symptoms, some cause symptoms that change slowly or don’t occur until late in the disease process. If detected early and treated, many eye diseases can be corrected, or the disease process slowed so your vision loss can be reduced.  

Who Can Wear Contact Lenses?

Previously, contact lenses were only for those with mild to moderate prescriptions and eyes free of complications or diseases. Thanks to advancements in eye care, there are now more contact lens options available for individuals with astigmatism, dry eyes, corneal disease, and other issues.  

Individuals may choose to opt for contact lenses in addition to glasses for several reasons, such as simply not wanting to wear glasses all the time, doing sports/physical activity, or even altering the appearance of their eyes. 

What is the Process for Getting Contacts?

To get contacts, you’ll first schedule a comprehensive eye exam with an added contact lens exam. It’s really important to get your eyes professionally examined so we know the correct prescription for your eyes and we can evaluate the overall health and size of your eyes. The prescription for eyeglasses is not the same prescription you will need for contacts. 

After the examination part of the exam, you will discuss the type of contact lenses you will get. If you’ve been told that you can’t wear contacts due to certain conditions, Novel Eyes is here to help. We also offer a wide variety of specialty contact lenses, including:

Once we’ve decided what type of lenses are best for you, we’ll get you into a pair of diagnostic lenses. This will be assesed for fit and vision. If everything is good in office you’ll wear them for a few days out in the world to confirm comfort and funciton before we finalize your prescription for the year and order your supply of lenses. If anything needs to be tweaked to give you the best fit and vision all of those changes are included in your contact lens fitting fee. 

Why Are Yearly Appointments Necessary for Contact Lenses?

Yearly contact lens appointments are necessary to ensure they are still fitting well, they are still correcting your vision properly, and your eyes are still healthy and safe.

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Whether you already have contact lenses or are thinking about getting them for the first time, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at Novel Eyes in Everett, Washington.