Prescription Eyeglasses in Everett, WA

People all over the world wear glasses to help them see better. Eyeglasses are a simple solution to bad eyesight, but you need the right prescription and quality frames to ensure the glasses are helping you see and not hindering your vision. An eye exam at Novel Eyes in Everett, Washington, will determine what type of prescription glasses your eyes need. 

What are Prescription Eyeglasses?

Prescription eyeglasses are glasses with corrective lenses prescribed to you by an optometrist. They are intended to allow you to see clearly.

What is the Process for Getting Prescription Glasses?

If you believe you need corrective lenses to see better, you first need to schedule an eye exam with an optometrist. The doctor will carefully examine your eyes using various methods and tools. You may be asked to read a line of letters through different lenses until the doctor determines which prescription is right for you.

If you need new glasses, you will then pick out the frames you want. Someone from our staff can help you choose. Once the frames are picked out, we can order your prescription lenses to fit those frames. At Novel Eyes, you will try on your new eyeglasses, and we will make any necessary adjustments to the frames or nosepieces to ensure a comfortable fit before we use Zeiss Visufit technology to measure your glasses on your face so that our high-quality Nikon Lenses are created with the best clarity and sharpness. 

After the glasses are made and ready to pick up, we’ll contact you so you can come to the office to pick them up. Since we fit them before ordering your new glasses are ready to wear out of the box. 

Types of Eyeglasses Prescriptions

People need eyeglasses for various reasons, which means there are a few different types of prescriptions you could get.

  • Single vision: Single-vision prescription lenses correct vision problems like hyperopia (far-sightedness), myopia (near-sightedness), and astigmatism. The entire lens has one prescription in it.
  • Lined Bifocal: Bifocals consist of one lens with two prescriptions in it. For instance, there may be an upper part of the lens for seeing far away and a lower section for reading or close-up vision. 
  • Progressive: Progressive lenses have three fields of vision for seeing close up, seeing something not too far away, and seeing something in the distance. The prescriptions are seamless, so you don’t see lines between the three sections.

How Often Should You Get a New Glasses Prescription?

We recommend that all adults ages 18-64 get an eye exam for glasses every one to two years. Adults ages 65 and up should get an eye exam every year. Children should also get yearly eye exams. If you don’t have glasses and find yourself squinting or shutting one eye to see better, you should schedule an eye exam to determine if you need prescription lenses. If you already have eyeglasses but notice changes in your vision quality, you should schedule another exam to see if you need a different prescription.

Is a Glasses Prescription the Same for Contacts?

No, the prescription you get for eyeglasses differs from the prescription you get for contacts, mainly because there is a bit of distance between your eyes and the eyeglasses. In contrast, contacts sit directly on the surface of your eye. Contact lenses also need to be checked for the material, shape, and size. If you also want to be fitted for contact lenses, mention it when scheduling your appointment!  

Picking the Right Frames for Your New Prescription Glasses

Aside from the lenses, choosing comfortable, high-quality frames that suit your face and personal style is essential in getting a new pair of glasses. At Novel Eyes, we only carry unique frames from independently owned brands. At our Everett, WA, optical, you can find the following: 

  • Gazal Eyewear focuses on combining art and function in eyewear designs. The frames are designed to ensure maximum comfort for the wearer. Each frame is unique, with custom colors and designs crafted using titanium metals and limited-edition designs. The sleek, ergonomic temple design contours the wearer’s face, while the titanium metal is lightweight and heat resistant.
  • Laibach & York aims to make high-quality eyewear accessible to everyone, focusing on excellent design, manufacturing, comfort, and the best fit for each individual’s face. They only use the best materials and parts, including Italian cellulose acetate, 3 and 5-barreled hinges, and quadruple polishing for a stunning glossy finish.
  • Vernon Gantry strives to combat the epidemic of consumers purchasing poorly fitting and often low-quality frames and lenses online to save a few dollars. They manufacture and distribute high-quality frames at a fraction of the cost of traditional eyewear companies by eliminating sales reps, licensing fees, and advertising costs. Vernon Gantry frames are available only through authorized dealers, such as Novel Eyes, where customers can receive unmatched service, measurements, adjustments, and prescriptions.
  • Vivid Eyewear is a family-owned and operated eyewear brand. The frames come in classic, easy-to-wear shapes and feature many extras, including Swiss-made spring hinges, detailed end pieces, and contrasting temple-to-front colorations and materials. The standout feature of Vivid Eyewear is the colors – their frames come in a rainbow and more to suit any style.
  • Symmetry Eyewear is known for distinctive frames that combine style with practicality. Standout features include alternative-fit silicone nose pads seamlessly built into the designs, lightweight materials, and fashion-forward styles and colors.
  • Tom Davies eyewear is characterized by its exceptional attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials. From fine acetate to lightweight titanium, they create frames that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and comfortable to wear. Tom Davies Bespoke is revolutionizing the optical world by eliminating compromises and offering a truly custom eyewear experience. Gone are the days of settling for frames that are slightly too small, too big, or not the perfect color. Tom Davies Bespoke frames are made to measure and personalized with an extensive range of colors and finishes.
  • Erkers1879 is a family company that looks into the past to build a future. Their heritage brand reflects the passion and hard work they’ve been dedicating for years to the optic profession. For over 140 Years and 5 Generations, their name has been synonymous with fine eyewear. Their high standards of excellence only allow the best of the batch to be available to the market. From the silkiness feel of the frame to the strongest hinges, you will know that you are getting the best eyewear at Erkers.
  • NW77th, as the oldest optical company in the United States, works tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction and superb quality of all of its products.  All frames are made from surgical-grade stainless steel. This material is stronger and more durable than any metal on earth. All of the acetate colors are designed in-house and are exclusive to NW77th. With the use of 3D printers, Nw77th is able to design its frames and make adjustments if needed, before going into production. All of our frames are handmade, hand polished, sometimes taking up to two years from start to finish.

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