Direct Eye Care in Everett, WA

When it comes to caring for your eyes, you should have an eye care plan that’s simple, affordable, and easy to understand. But unfortunately, traditional vision care insurance is often the exact opposite – most standard eye care plans use hard-to-understand industry jargon in their policies, making it difficult to know what you’re getting and can be frustrating when you experience surprise expenses. 

At Novel Eyes, we’re proud to offer direct eye care in Everett, which aims to eliminate the middleman (insurance company) and bring patients and doctors together. By freeing our practice from insurance companies’ limitations and regulations, we can focus on providing exceptional eye care and forming stronger doctor-patient relationships.

What is Direct Eye Care?

Direct eye care is a membership-based model that provides patients with comprehensive access to their eye doctor for all primary care services at an affordable monthly fee. By opting for direct eye care, patients are liberated from the restrictions imposed by insurance companies on medical services and products within their network. This results in significant advantages for both doctors and patients. Doctors are relieved from the burdensome overhead and administrative complexities imposed by insurance companies, allowing them to focus on delivering personalized care tailored to patient’s needs rather than meeting the demands of insurance providers. As a result, doctors can dedicate more time to each patient, ensuring a higher quality of care. 

Direct eye care also eliminates the common practice employed by insurance companies, where they stipulate paying a fixed percentage capped at a limited amount. Because of this, healthcare providers end up charging a higher rate to maximize their reimbursement from the insurance companies resulting in everyone elses’ costs increasing.  

By choosing direct eye care, patients can break free from these constraints, enjoying affordable and personalized eye care that prioritizes their well-being while avoiding the compromises imposed by insurance companies.

What Are The Benefits of Direct Patient Care?

  • Comprehensive eye care at a lowered cost: With direct eye care, you receive all of the primary eye care services we offer whenever you need them at no additional cost or copays! This includes any follow-up visits – most insurance companies require that in-network providers charge patients for any follow-up visits. Direct eye care also allows us to perform any diagnostic test without prior approval from your insurance provider at minimal or no extra cost. 
  • Ideal for all patients, whether insured or not: Direct eye care works for everyone, allowing patients to see an eye doctor without insurance. If you are insured, you’ll receive reimbursement directly once you file your claims to the insurance company. 
  • Affordable and transparent pricing: With direct eye care, there are no vision copays, coinsurance, deductibles, premiums, in-network provider searches, and everything else you dislike about insurance. It’s simple, easy, and no fuss!     

What is Included in the Eye Care Membership?

Our direct eye care membership at Novel Eyes covers: 

  • Comprehensive exam and consult with Dr. Lenning
  • Additional visits as needed
  • Corrective lens prescription
  • Frames and lenses

Membership Cost

Memberships start at $385 for healthy kids and adults. 

  • Membership + single-vision glasses: $800
  • Membership + progressive lenses: $1065

Prices will vary for patients with certain medical conditions who need additional care. 

How Does the Direct Eye Care Membership Work?

At Novel Eyes, we provide yearly eye care memberships, which can be paid in full, quarterly, or monthly. A great use for your HSA and FSA accounts is to pay for memberships upfront for a 10% discount.

Contact Us Today!

At Novel Eyes, our direct eye care plan delivers more value overall, and what you see is what you’ll get. Rather than a cheaper monthly plan requiring higher out-of-pocket costs later in service, our direct eye care members enjoy complete coverage. We’re always available to answer your questions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Everett, WA, practice!