posEYEdon Contact Lenses in Everett WA

Novel Eyes understands that our patients want the best vision possible. Unlike conventional contact lenses, posEyedon lenses provide sharper vision, greater durability, easier handling, a lower risk for complications, and are more comfortable and can be worn for extended periods. The ultimate benefit of posEyedon contact lenses is improved overall quality of life. A comfortable and effective contact lens allows you to spend more time doing what you love and less time worrying about your vision. 

If you want to wear contact lenses but have had trouble wearing them in the past — or you’ve been told you are not a good candidate for contacts — posEyedon contact lenses may be the solution you are looking for.

What is a posEYEdon Lens?

posEYEdon scleral contacts are large-diameter gas-permeable contact lenses designed to vault over the entire corneal surface and rest on the “white” of the eye (sclera). Unlike conventional lenses that rest on the cornea, they’re fitted to leave space between the lens and the cornea. 

Why are posEYEdon Lenses More Comfortable?

With posEYEdon lenses, the space between the back of the lens and the corneal surface is filled with saline before being placed on the eye. This fluid remains behind the contact lens, providing comfort for people with severely dry eyes.  

Who Can Wear posEYEdon Lenses?

Generally, anyone interested in achieving the best vision possible with contact lenses can be a candidate for posEYEdon lenses. However, posEYEdon lenses are most beneficial for the following conditions: 

  • Hard-to-fit eyes: If your eyes cannot be comfortably fitted with conventional lenses or the shape of your eye causes the lenses to dislodge too easily from your eyes (during sports, for example), posEYEdon lenses can provide a more comfortable and secure fit. 
  • Dry eyes: If your eyes are too dry for conventional contact lenses, posEYEdon lenses can help. Due to their larger size, posEYEdon lenses protect the eye’s surface from dry environments and harsh winds that can worsen dry eyes. They are also less likely to move around the eye and cause eyelid irritation upon blinking. The generous space between the back surface of full scleral lenses and the cornea acts as a tear reservoir to keep the front of your eye moist and comfortable. 
  • High prescriptions: Unlike conventional contact lenses, posEYEdon lenses provide better clarity and sharpness than eyeglasses for high prescriptions. 

Can posEYEdon Lenses Be Worn With Astigmatism?  

posEYEdon contact lenses are a great solution that provides exceptional vision correction in patients with astigmatism, whether by birth, due to post-refractive surgery, or other corneal procedures. They allow astigmatic patients to experience improved visual acuity and comfort while keeping their eyes hydrated all day. 

How Long Do posEYEdon Lenses Last? 

Depending on your eye care habits and your tear film’s tendency to coat the lenses, your posEYEdon contact lenses should last about the same length as other gas-permeable lenses, anywhere between one and three years. We recommend visiting Novel Eyes annually to check the fit, prescription, and safety of your lenses. 

posEYEdon Contact Lenses

How Much Do posEYEdon Lenses Cost?  

The annual costs of posEYEdon contact lenses are comparable to that of soft lenses.  

Seeing Well Means Living Better With posEYEdon Lenses!

Because of their size, stability on the eye, and ability to provide continuous hydration, posEYEdon lenses offer excellent vision and maximum comfort for people of all ages Are you ready to get fitted for posEYEdon lenses in Everett, WA, or do you need more information? Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Lenning, and we’ll help you find the best solution to treat your condition.